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  • Fikir

    Hello Duncan.

    I am thinking about going to volunteer at the English Alive Academy and was hoping to chat with you about your experience there. It would be great to hear about what it was like, and what being is Nazreth was like. And whether you had to take malaria tablets!

    I have been to Ethiopia a few times, and to Nazreth once, but never as an adult and never as a volunteer so it would be great to hear about your experience.

    Many thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.


    • duncaninethiopia

      Hi Fikir, sorry for slow reply – don’t check this blog much anymore, now that I’m back home!

      I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about volunteering with English Alive. It was a very worthwile and enjoyable experience; when I went the school was on holiday but they were running a summer school that I helped out at – which meant a huge range of ages and abilities, but on the plus side the day was done by 12pm! I’m sure if you go during the normal school session it’d probably be a bit busier.

      Everyone at the school was very friendly and helpful; Nazret itself is a small, quiet place but there are some nice hotels with swimming pools to hang out at. Not sure what more I can tell you really – go for it, you’ll enjoy it! Feel free to ask me anything else.

      PS yes I took anti-malarials but I’m not sure you really need to in Nazret

  • Fikir

    Ah, not to worry about the delay – thanks for getting back to me. That is good to know that it was a good experience for you. Just wanted to hear about the general experience you had really, so that I had a better idea from first hand experience. I have never done anything like that before, and am slightly sceptical about those sorts of schemes which is why I went for this but just wanted some reassurance – which you have readily provided so thank you very much.

    Have had some more communication with Stephanie as well since I left you that message so am getting ready to go in a few weeks and am feeling a lot better about it.

    Thanks for responding!


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